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How to tune into the wisdom of the natural world.

Life force energy flows through plants, animals, and all living things on Earth. When we go out in nature intending to notice or connect with the life force, we find it through resonance.

There’s plenty of scientific research and positive psychology out there that takes the “woo woo” out of these practices.

LOOK -Pay attention to the details. The veins on the leaves. The beautiful textures and variations of the tree bark. The many different colors. Notice animals: insects, birds, and other critters.

SPEAK/SING- Use your voice. Speak out loud or through thought if that feels too vulnerable, and admire and acknowledge their beauty.

Mantra: “ I am open to receiving your wisdom.”

" I see you." " I acknowledge your presence and ask for your guidance."

LISTEN- It’s so easy to put in earbuds while in nature. Please resist the urge and leave them at home. Let the sounds of the wind, animals, and your breath fill your ears and bring your full awareness to the present moment. If thoughts flood your attention, use this simple phrase to quiet your mind: " Thank you, mind, for being aware and processing information. I'm setting you aside to allow space for wisdom to come through."

TOUCH - Using touch to tune into nature can be daunting. Many of us have been conditioned to believe nature is dirty. Perhaps the soft touch of moss will surprise you. Have you ever felt the warmth radiating from the bark of a tree basking in the sun?

Journal the experience using this prompt:

"What physical sensations am I feeling in my body? What thoughts am I thinking? What did I notice most during this experience? "

You may be surprised at what flows through you.

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