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Meet Anjelica

Attune Coach & Ancient Ritual Guide

Anjelica utilizes ancient feminine rituals to awaken people into their authentic expression by igniting their life force. Her mission is to add beauty and significance to the lives of others. She is helping people to discover their true selves and live a fulfilling life. Her specialty includes personal coaching and support for women who have experienced a loss of self. She believes that every individual has the power to tap into divine source energy, and she is here to guide them in their journey. 

Anjelica has been on a lifelong journey to bring this offering. She has overcome many challenges, Including body dysmorphia, anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideations. She had a massive transformation following the birth of her son and became deeply devoted to her spiritual practice. Living through her nightmares, Anjelica surrendered to the unknown. Turning to nature as her guru, Anjelica has transformed her grief and sorrow into a guide for others. 

Spiritual woman attune with Nature Yuba River CA
Sunbeam through forrest Grass Valley CA

The Nature immersion

Nature immersion is set in the beautiful sierra foothills. This is designed to help individuals explore their inner selves and reconnect to our natural world. Through a series of guided meditations and exercises, participants will gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the life force energy flowing all around us. Join us on this transformational journey and discover the intelligence all around you. 

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