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All of YOU is welcome here.

Utilizing nature, sound, movement & your body to tune into source energy and live a fully authentic life. 

What We Specialize In


Non- Monogamous&


 relating support

Align Your Mind, Body, and Soul 


Parenting Support

Personalized  Guidance


verb- to become receptive to or aware of

Anjelica guides you through becoming aware of and receptive to the life force energy that flows through plants, animals, and all living things on Earth. When we go out in nature intending to notice or connect with this life force, we find it through resonance. Anjelica weaves ancient wisdom with practical application to bring ancient practices into the modern world. Ignite your soul’s awakening to connect to higher levels of consciousness and open up to your intuition. Through the power of presence, intention, and release in a safe container of non-attachment, nonjudgmental, free-flowing, wild, pure energy. Utilizing rituals and practices to help guide you on your journey towards self-discovery and expansive growth. A network of intelligence is all around you, waiting to be acknowledged.

Anjelica's Personalized guidance is aimed at helping you become your most authentic self.  Encouraging you to explore your shadows, transmute fear into courage and step boldly into vulnerability to be seen and loved for who you truly are. 

Anjelica offers support for Non- Monogamous relating, is kink aware and believes all humans deserve to be seen, heard and supported.

An empowered woman comfortable in Nature in Nevada County CA
Anjelica brings together an incredibly rare mix of open heart, free spirit, intellect, & creativity that is beautiful to witness and feel she has made a significant difference for me just being in her presence. 

- P.M - Marin CA

“I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have crossed paths with Anjelica. Her influence has been a vibrant thread in the tapestry of my life, bringing insights and transformations that have enriched my personal and professional journey. Her talents span across multiple dimensions - intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and physical - each of which she harnesses with grace and expertise that guided me toward a deeper understanding of myself and my relationships.” A.P - Sacramento CA 

“It’s rare to encounter someone as uniquely gifted and genuinely impactful as Anjelica. My experiences with her have left me with a profound appreciation for her talents, her approach to life, and her ability to positively transform the lives she touches. 


Anjelica has an extraordinary ability to see into my  heart finding new paths to joy and connection that were often overlooked. Her empathy, combined with a profound depth of understanding and intuition, created the environment for me to feel seen, understood, and valued. This is not a small feat in an era where genuine connection can sometimes seem elusive. ” 

- W.L - Folsom CA

Anjelica’s joy, kindness, presence and her connection with her intuitive wisdom has been inspiring and supportive for me in opening up to my own inner guidance and stepping into  my full potential more than ever before! 

- Y.R -Lost Cost CA

“What stands out most about Anjelica is her bright spirit. She brings light and color to interactions, making the mundane suddenly vibrant and turning every moment into an opportunity for growth and joy. Anjelica is truly gifted. She is a beacon of positivity, deeply empathetic, and I have been profoundly impactful by her work.”


G.D - San Fransisco CA 

One with Nature

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Are you ready to embark on a journey of discovery and connection? You can schedule a free Discovery Call with Anjelica to explore the possibilities of nature immersion, guidance, and support. Anjelica will talk with you to identify your goals and develop a personalized plan to help you achieve them. Take the first step!

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